Exploring Social Activities of Academic Societies in Queens County, NY

The CNY Homeschoolers Association, or HLACNY, is a lay group open to all types of students who study at home. This organization provides a wide range of social activities, cooperatives, classes, excursions and more. Additionally, counselors are available to offer support for students who are at risk of not completing college due to academic probation, the suspension of financial aid, or the need to file an academic appeal. Hanover's Mu Xi section is actively engaged on campus by organizing retreats, campus events and inviting speakers for both members and the wider campus community.

Theta is devoted to promoting the social, moral and intellectual growth of its members, and Thetas is growing in many ways in Hanover. There are eleven active Academic Senate standing committees, three special committees and two university committees, all of which have student members. Chapters across the country plan academic and recreational activities that supplement what is done in the classroom. Membership in this honor society implies a high level of activity on the part of the members to achieve the organization's stated ideals of scholarship, leadership and service.

The Office of Minority Student Affairs provides direct services and collaborates with the university's academic, administrative and support units to promote the academic success and social well-being of underrepresented students. Alpha Lambda Delta works to encourage higher academic achievement among students during their first year in higher education institutions, to promote intelligent living, to emphasize the need to provide service within the community, to continue with a high level of learning and to help women and men recognize and develop significant goals for their role in society. The office serves as a resource center for students interested in planning social, educational and recreational programs and helps students develop leadership skills that they can use in a professional environment upon graduating from York College. Transition services are coordinated activities that improve the academic and functional performance of a child with a disability to help them transition from school to after-school activities after high school.

It helps students fluently develop basic academic skills by combining the sciences of learning, precision teaching, and curriculum-based assessment. In addition, the committee helps students with disabilities to participate more fully in the social life of the campus. Based in Dumbo, Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Creative Learning Lab offers vibrant in-person and online creative lab courses for high school, high school and college students.

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