What Academic Societies in Queens County, NY Have to Offer

Extracurricular activities at Queens College are an essential part of the educational experience. With a wide range of clubs, concerts, movies, and speakers available each semester, there is something for everyone. Students can find out about upcoming events through the student press, campus announcements, and the QC Student Life Facebook page. The CNY Homeschoolers Association is a non-profit organization open to all types of home-schooled students.

HLACNY provides social activities, classes, field trips, and more. The Academic Counseling Center works with undergraduates to help them meet their degree requirements and take advantage of educational opportunities like the QC in 4 program. Every afternoon, children can participate in activities designed to improve their academic and social skills while boosting their self-esteem. Students enrolled in AIMS classes have moderate to severe delays in academic skills and have lower than average working memory, verbal and non-verbal reasoning capacity, speech and language, and attention. The counselors also assist students who are at risk of not graduating due to academic probation, suspension of financial aid, or the need to file an academic appeal.

Classeteria is a homeschooling center in Bushwick, Brooklyn that provides students with a strong academic foundation in a supportive environment. At this time, students cannot interact in groups larger than two. Queens College offers on-campus apartment-style housing for all students. It helps them develop basic academic skills through a combination of learning sciences, precision teaching, and curriculum-based assessment. Each program works to strengthen academic and social skills but has different eligibility criteria and serves different types of classes.

There is also a small faith-based homeschooling group in Columbia County, NY that offers educational enrichment opportunities for children of reading age or older. Students in the Path program take part in standard assessments such as the NYS Mathematics and English Language Arts exams. The Office of Minority Student Affairs provides direct services and collaborates with university departments to promote the academic success and social well-being of underrepresented students. Students can join social activities but often prefer to participate on their own. Additionally, there are eleven active Academic Senate standing committees, three special committees, and two university committees with student members. These activities support the university's academic programming while encouraging students to engage with their peers in entertaining and interactive activities.

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