Unlock Your Academic Potential: Exploring Student-Run Societies in Queens County, NY

Are you a student in Queens County, NY looking for ways to get involved in academic societies? Look no further! The Student Association (SA) at Queens College is the perfect place to start. Representing all students, clubs, organizations and interest groups, the SA offers a variety of services and programs to help you get involved. From internships and scholarships to events and international pro bono programs, there are plenty of opportunities for students of all ages. The Office of Minority Student Affairs is another great resource for underrepresented students.

They provide direct services and collaborate with the university's academic, administrative and support units to promote academic success and social well-being. The YouthLaw organization is also a great way to increase your understanding of legal practice and raise awareness of important policies and issues affecting young people. The Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program is a student-run project that helps people with low incomes complete their income tax forms and apply for the earned income tax credit. The Domestic Violence Task Force is another student-run group that promotes through the Niagara County Family Court Resource Project to help victims of domestic violence obtain temporary and permanent protection orders.

The Academic Counseling Center works in partnership with undergraduate students to chart an individual course on the university's degree requirements, services, and educational opportunities. The Academic Senate is the main legislative body of the university and has student members on its eleven active standing committees, three special committees and two university committees. The Jewish Law Society (JLS) organizes the annual Easter Seder for students, staff and faculty, as well as Jewish speakers on campus, networking opportunities between Jewish students and lawyers, events and community service activities throughout the academic year. The Public Interest Law Society is another student-run organization that promotes public interest opportunities, organizes an annual auction to raise funds for summer public interest scholarships, and participates in several free public service and law school projects. Finally, Queens College offers all students the opportunity to live on campus in an apartment type residence.

In a collaborative effort across the university, students joined the School of Law to support several criminal records elimination clinics in the county over the past academic periods. If you're looking for ways to unlock your academic potential in Queens County, NY, there are plenty of options available. From student-led projects to university committees, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore.

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