Unlocking the Potential of Academic Societies in Queens County, NY

Are you a researcher or professional looking to make a meaningful impact with your work? The Town+Gown program, which covers the entire city, can help you unlock your potential and achieve the future you've always dreamed of. This program provides a wide range of resources for undergraduates and graduates, such as the University's official newspaper, the Radio and Television Education Center, and computer and video editing laboratories. These resources offer practical experience to hone your skills. The Path program is designed to evaluate students in New York State (NYS) Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) exams.

Additionally, Cornell University-NYC Cooperative Extension (CUCE-NYC) and the Cornell Department of Natural Resources have joined forces in a pilot program to offer urban forestry education workshops in Jamaica, Queens and Canarsie, Brooklyn. This program works to strengthen academic and social skills, but it has different eligibility criteria and serves students in different types of classes. The AIMS classes are designed for students with moderate to severe delays in academic skills and a working memory, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, speech and language, and attention that are below average. For those who need financial management, counseling and budgeting services, we refer them to financial empowerment organizations in New York City. The Microsoft Image Academy program uses materials from the official Microsoft academic course to prepare students for certification in Microsoft Office and other technologies. Castle Gardens is a mixed-use, supportive and affordable residential development and service center located next to The Fortune Academy in West Harlem.

This building is environmentally sustainable. The Queens County Reentry Task Force works with the Department of Corrections and Community Oversight to provide assistance to people who have recently been released from jail. This fall, project staff began giving free sessions in Jamaica and Canarsie on the role of trees in the urban environment. The project team also surveyed more than 800 residents on the street and in focus groups in Jamaica and Canarsie to learn about people's motivations, values and interests in relation to urban trees and tree care.

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