Unlock Networking Opportunities in Queens County, NY

Are you looking for ways to make a positive impact in your local community? The Community Partnerships Division of the Queens County District Attorney's Office is the perfect place to start. This division works to connect civic and non-profit organizations, create programs, sponsor events, and interact with every neighborhood in the county. The PlaySure network is a great example of the work done by the Community Partnerships Division. This network is comprised of HIV testing centers supported by New York City, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), and clinics that offer PrEP and PEP.

It is an important part of the Office's work to ensure that everyone in Queens County has access to the resources they need. The Community Engagement Unit is also an integral part of the Office's work. This unit works on the ground to obtain important information from the community of Queens and keep the District Attorney's Office informed about any issues that arise. The unit also brings together students from diverse backgrounds from schools across Queens to discuss issues affecting the law and help identify their own personal biases.

The Community Partnerships Division takes a multifaceted approach to providing opportunities for people to make a positive contribution to Queens County, so that crime isn't their only option. If you're looking for ways to get involved in your local community, this is a great place to start. You can unlock networking opportunities that will help you make a difference in your community.

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