A Comprehensive Guide to Awards and Recognition Programs in Queens County, NY

Are you looking for awards and recognition programs sponsored by an academic society in Queens County, NY? If so, you've come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the various awards and recognition programs available in Queens County. The Library Information Technology Association (LITA) offers four scholarships to encourage qualified individuals to enter the field of libraries and information technology. The Queens College Alumni Association Award is presented annually to a graduating senior who has maintained an outstanding academic record, contributed to the interests of the university, and been accepted for graduate studies at Queens College.

The Burke Giblin Award was established in 1981 by the Warner-Lambert Foundation in memory of E. Burke Giblin. Each year, Queens College staff and other friends award the Paul Klapper Scholarship in memory of the university's first president to promote academic achievement, moral and intellectual integrity, and good citizenship. The Chesapeake Information and Research Library Alliance (CIRLA) provides work experience in academic libraries to students seeking graduate degrees in librarianship through its CIRLA Scholarship Program.

The Bartilucci Scholarship Award was created in 1996 by former students of the Faculty to honor former dean Dr. Bartilucci. It is known that participation in national organizations and networks promotes the professional development of students in the pharmacy program. The Kirkpatrick Prize is awarded annually to a final year student who graduates with outstanding academic performance and whose activities have benefited the university and its objectives.

The Korean American Pharmaceutical Society Award is given to a pharmacy student who has completed their fourth year of study in the program and is of Korean descent. Winners are selected based on their academic excellence and evidence of a strong commitment and interest in pursuing a career in the public interest. The Harvard Sitkoff Civil Rights Award is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has maintained a high academic standard and has shown a special interest in advancing the cause of civil rights. The Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program is an undergraduate scholarship program created to encourage outstanding students to pursue careers in the disciplines of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering.

The Herbert and June Bienstock Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of a beloved member of the Queens university community who dedicated his life to justice for workers and to equal access and opportunities for all people, in all aspects of American life. The David Syrett Scholarship is awarded to a graduating final-year student with an outstanding academic record who plans to attend a doctoral program in history, philosophy, or economics, preferably at a U. S. university.

Each year, the Queens College Scholars program offers a variety of scholarships for first-year fall students and transfers with strong academic credentials. Finally, Teva Pharmaceuticals honors a pharmacy student who graduates who excels in the study of pharmacy and in all other areas of university life with its TEVA Pharmaceuticals Award. We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need about awards and recognition programs sponsored by an academic society in Queens County, NY. Good luck!.

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