Job Postings in Queens County, NY: What You Need to Know

Are you on the hunt for job postings in Queens County, NY? You're in luck! Thanks to NY SCION, disability resource coordinators (DRC) are now available in nearly every local area of New York State. Commonpoint Queens staff members are also entitled to free pool and gym membership, discounted child care programs, and the opportunity to participate in agency activities for little or no cost. NYESS works hand-in-hand with the New York State Department of Labor to provide New Yorkers with a single point from which to access all employment-related services and support. This includes finding employment with the approximately 90,000 jobs currently posted by companies on the New York State Labor Exchange.

Commonpoint Queens is also looking for a licensed social worker to serve as a Train and Earn social worker. This individual will be responsible for overseeing the case management team and all participants in the Train and Earn Program. If you're searching for job postings in Queens County, NY, you have plenty of options. With the help of NY SCION, NYESS, and Commonpoint Queens, you can find the perfect job for your skillset.

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